museum activations

transform your exhibit to engage patrons through interactive storytelling

 Night Time Projection Mapped Mansion

Turning spaces into active experiences that engage people of all ages is key to creating deeper connections to your members and the community at large. In the experience economy, modern museums are challenged more than ever before to create moments that will resonate with their audiences to compete with the myriad of concerts, festivities, and activities that vye for people’s time.

Interactive exhibits that mix digital technology and physical environments are key to facilitating meaningful conversations with the patron through exploratory learning as the user defines their own experience.

At Alt Ethos, we design, develop, and implement interactive exhibits in partnership with exhibit designers to make their visions come to life. In such environments, the sky's the limit when it comes to engagement. From science and technology to history and art, the intersections of light and sound with exhibit spaces makes for transformational experiences in a variety of settings.