step inside an instrumental environment to create music through play

Explorers at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery play in an immersive sound exhibit where they collaboratively create sound compositions through moving through ripples of light.

Alt Ethos worked hand in hand with the museum exhibit team to ideate the concept then custom developed the software, hardware, and fabrication systems to implement the installation. The work welcomes audiences of all ages and physical abilities to collaboratively play together.

Through hands-on explorations patrons learn to play uniquely configured multimodal sequencers that heighten their connection to sound that emphasizes listening perspectives by means of a spatialized audio environment. Together this forms a captivating sequencer played through interactions with a lighting environment and each other.

In this iteration movement over the blue ripples pulses various chords, the red triggers staccato jabs, and the yellow radials control various drum sequences. Together these voices create a variety of expressive forms that change with the number and movement qualities of visitors in the exhibition.



    Customer Experience Design
    Content Development
    Software Development
    Physical Implementation